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We helped Royal Caribbean International become the top choice for travel agents in Australia.







Royal Caribbean had taken a hit like the rest of the world, when the pandemic swept in. Their fleet was grounded and life in the cruising industry halted indefinitely. When it was finally time to get back a sense of normality, Royal Caribbean needed to catch the attention of travel agents and ensure they knew the Royal Caribbean brand and were up to date with their latest ships and destinations.


After a discovery + research phase we uncovered that there was a lack of awareness around the Royal Caribbean tools available to travel agents, particularly the trade portal. We did a deep dive into the portal analytics and based on the insights gained, stripped back and re-ux'd the platform before re-designing and re-building it. We then created, and integrated a new loyalty program.

It was clear that the web platform was essential, however a companion app for “on the go” would also be really useful. So we took the key features of the web portal and added additional app features to deliver the mobile app experience.


We've created a space that empowers Cruising Agents to confidently sell Royal Caribbean cruises, while getting rewarded for doing so.

One platform for all cruising agents needs

We delivered a cohesive web and app experience to support and incentivise agents, giving them the ability to learn about the Royal Caribbean brand and all of the lifestyle benefits that go with cruising.


Along with significant pick up in knowledge of the Royal Caribbean brand and product offering, the loyalty program has seen great results with over 28% of all users signing up and participating in the loyalty program.

“We have been working with ECD for a number of years and they are always proactive, dedicated and results orientated. We are looking forward to working with them to further enhance our digital experiences.”

Royal Caribbean, Trade Communications and Loyalty Manager - Australia & New Zealand 

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