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When it comes to understanding and improving your customer’s experience, effective user journey mapping is crucial and a powerful tool to visualise how your customers reach their goals in a structured and holistic way. 

Our UX team can help enable your company to continuously measure what’s important to your users at every interaction of their journey and ensure everyone is aware of the impact of their work on their experience.




Understand your users

Gain a deeper understanding and empathy for your users' needs, pain points and behaviours as they experience key moments across different touchpoints with your product, service and brand in a structured and holistic way.

Aligns cross-functional stakeholders

Create a shared language and common understanding of what your end user is doing and get stakeholder buy-in within your teams to drive positive change.

Prioritise solutions

Understanding where your users struggle when interacting with your business allows you to identify gaps or unmet needs and convert them into opportunities for improvement.

Increased revenue

Improving your customer’s experience will lead to increased customer loyalty and retention, and in turn boost your return on investment (ROI) - meaning more money for your business.

Our approach



Our UX team will collaborate with your team and key stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers, service and product offering, and key focus areas for your business.

Persona development

We develop personas based on data and research that are framed around your target users to understand the context in which they operate, their goals, expectations and motivations. 

Customer journey mapping

We map your target users experience into key phases, from initial contact with the brand to post-service interactions. We show the steps and behaviours users take to complete their journey and how they feel as they interact with digital or physical touch points along the way.

Strategy and implementation

Once we have the user journey(s) mapped out, we work with you to identify pain points and optimisation opportunities to deliver meaningful experiences in your user’s journey. Read more about our approach, how we analyse and track the user journeys here: Conversion Mapping and Journey Optimisation.

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