User Experience Research

Focus on what really matters

Whether you're launching a new product or enhancing an existing service, the importance of conducting UX research is critical to understanding the behaviours and interactions of real people who use your product.

Our UX team can help you engage with research in a meaningful way that gets to the root cause of a problem and help reduce the risk of investing in a solution that no one needs.



Data-driven decisions

Make data-driven and strategic decisions based on real insights from your customers, and build something that people will actually use that solves a real problem.

Reduce development costs

The cost of fixing an error after development is 100 times greater than fixing it before development. Avoid costly mistakes that result from internal assumptions that later prove to be false and fix them earlier in the product life cycle.

Get a competitive advantage

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by creating tailored experiences that meet your customer needs, wants and expectations from your product or service.

Increase conversions

Understand how people interact and achieve their goals with your product or service to build effective and frictionless experiences that can lead to increased conversions.


What we do

Qualitative and quantitative research

From customer interviews and surveys, to contextual enquiries and usability testing, we use different research methods and data analysis to uncover insights that help you to get a clear picture of the current landscape or spark innovative ideas for future growth.

Problem solving

We ask the right questions to uncover root causes to complex problems that are worth solving, so you can focus on solutions that add value and really matter.

Actionable insights

Our team will turn data and key findings into actionable insights that you can use to guide business strategy, product roadmaps and improvements.


Creating digital happiness that makes an impact

Observational research is just one of the many tools in our UX/UI design toolkit. Read more about the specific types of research we do to create an impact for our clients:

  1. Contextual Inquiries

  2. Customer Interviews

  3. Ethnography

  4. Surveys

  5. Usability Testing

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