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Tealium certified deployment partner

Brands are constantly looking for better ways to engage with their customers and recognise data is a critical asset that they need to monetise.

Elephants Can Dance and Tealium can improve the performance of your marketing activities by leveraging data to target your custom audiences with relevant, timely and personalised content and experiences.

The 3 big challenges brands have when trying to leverage their data is:

  • Inaccurate data that doesn’t reflect a true picture of your audiences
  • Data stored in disparate systems with no easy way of synchronising it to get a single customer view
  • No easy way to activate data once synced

This is where Tealium comes in. Tealium IQ (TiQ) tag manager plugs into your various go to market platforms to collate and consolidate data. Tealium Audience Steam then allows you to create custom audiences and push those audiences to activation platforms such as your marketing automation platform, website or sales team via over 250 pre-configured connectors. The prebuilt connectors include Salesforce, Google, Oracle, AWS, Facebook and much, much more.


Audience Stream Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities

Tealium Audience stream is a robust platform that allows businesses to create custom segments using any criteria they see fit e.g. based on products viewed on the company website, products users have added to their shopping cart without checking out, previous sales, customer service calls and everything in between. These segments can be live, allowing the business to take action in real-time.

Audience Stream allows you to:

  • Drive data driven actions
  • Create as many audience segments as required
  • Push segments to activation platforms to engage audiences
  • Optimise your activity to target mobile users
  • Create business rules based on your marketing strategy
  • Optimise your marketing spend to specific audiences
  • Target media advertising to lower costs

The specialists at Elephants Can Dance have a vast amount of experience working with Tealium and can support you in the following ways:

  • Strategy – identifying data sources and creating a data layer that will give your business a unified view of your customers
  • Implementation – deploying Tealium across your various platforms to start collecting data and leveraging Tealium Audience Stream to create custom audiences to push to your activation platforms
  • Training and onboarding – we set you up on Tealium and help your team gain the expertise to use the tool confidently
  • Optimisation – we ensure your team is collecting the right data and making the most of your investment over the long term


Tealium - Certified Agency Partner


The Tealium experts at Elephants Can Dance provide consulting and implementation to ensure the platform is stood up quickly and key stakeholders are onboarded so that you can start to connect your data to drive your data driven digital personalisation strategy.

Contact our team today to see how we might help you maximise the results from your investment in Tealium.


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