Prototyping in UX/UI Design

High fidelity prototyping is a crucial step in the product design process and occurs at the Deliver stage of the double diamond design framework. At Elephants Can Dance, we understand the importance of testing and iterating ideas early on to ensure that the final product meets both user needs and business goals.


The Benefits of Prototyping

Prototyping plays a critical role in the testing phase of product design. By experimenting with different design concepts and testing the functionality of their ideas, designers and developers can identify potential problems early on and make adjustments to the design. This leads to a more successful final product.

Stakeholders also benefit from prototyping, as they get to see and interact with the product. This allows them to provide valuable feedback that can be incorporated into the final design, ensuring that the product meets the needs of users and provides a high-quality user experience.

Our Approach to Prototyping

At Elephants Can Dance, our team uses a variety of prototyping tools and techniques, from low-fidelity wireframe prototypes to high-fidelity digital simulations. This enables us to test a range of design options, from the overall user experience to specific interactions and animations.

Committed to Success

We are committed to using prototyping to create digital experiences that meet the needs of both users and businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our design services and how we can help you bring your product to life.


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