Information Architecture

Build a solid foundation for success

Information architecture (IA) plays a key role in the success of your product or service and describes how content or information is organised and arranged. It is the backbone of your website or app and determines how people will access and find information to complete their task.

When finding information becomes too complicated or slow, it can negatively impact your customer’s experience and they may simply abandon your website or app all together.

Our UX team can help you organise and structure the content of your website or app to help users find what they need quickly and easily, and ensure all the pieces fit together in an intuitive, user-friendly and sustainable way.




Improve SEO

A well-designed IA makes it easier for search engines to understand the structure of your website’s content, leading to better visibility and higher rankings in search results, so you can earn more leads and grow your business online.

Increase conversions

When users have clear signposts for wayfinding around your website and complete their goals without friction, this ultimately results in happier customers and higher conversion rates who are far more likely to return.

Save money and time

Minimise the dependence on support channels when your website can anticipate and answer questions your users may have before they even finish their task. This means less time spent on answering emails and calls for support, and reduced overheads

Scalability and evolution

As your products and services expand, your digital experiences will evolve over time. Great IA is flexible enough to accommodate and adapt to your product roadmap to avoid any significant rework.


Our approach/what we do


Information Architecture (IA) audit

We conduct a comprehensive review of your website’s IA to assess its effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement. We look at how your content is categorised and labeled, and how easy it is for end users to find what they need.

User research

We uncover valuable insights by getting to know your users through user interviews and design workshops to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the way they think when they search for information.


We develop prototypes to help you visualise the hierarchy of information and navigation. We’ll demonstrate the best way to organise all the pieces that make up your product, including what screens your customer will see and the relationships between your site’s content and functionality.

Usability testing

We check with your users to see what actually works, doesn’t work and needs fixing before we start building, to ensure it’s intuitive, user-friendly and supports the goals of your business.


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