Where the magic happens


At Elephants Can Dance, we believe ideation is where the magic happens. It's the chance for our team to let their creativity run wild, exploring new ideas and approaches without any limitations. We believe this is key to finding innovative solutions for our clients' needs.

Our approach to ideation is all about putting our users first and harnessing the unique perspectives and creativity of everyone involved. This helps us challenge assumptions and think outside the box, leading to truly novel solutions.

To guide our ideation process, we like to start with a list of "how might we" questions related to the challenge at hand. This helps us focus our ideas while still allowing for plenty of creative freedom.

We utilise a range of other ideation techniques, including analogies, brainstorming, mind mapping, and rapid prototyping, to bring our ideas to life. These tools allow us to transfer knowledge, work together as a team, visually organise our thoughts, and quickly turn our ideas into prototypes.

In short, ideation is a crucial part of our design process, and we love using a variety of techniques to turn our creative ideas into real-world solutions for our clients. Get in touch with the team today and let's make some magic together!




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