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Why Human Centred Design Matters

Connecting to customers like never before

Human Centred Design (HCD) is an approach used for creative problem solving. It aims to develop deep empathy for users that we design for so that the resulting product or service resonates deeply. It’s not about making things look pretty – visual design is a key component but it’s so much more than that.

At Elephants Can Dance we use Human Centred Design principles to create beautiful yet rewarding user experiences that deliver higher levels of engagement and conversion across each aspect of the user experience honeycomb.

The User Experience Honeycomb

User experience honeycomb

How do we do it

Our aim using the HCD approach is to reframe the problem so it’s not from a business perspective but from the user perspective. We try to empathise by placing ourselves in the shoes of the user so we can truly appreciate their point of view and take a customer centred approach to the entire product experience.

We involve users early in the process and leverage a rapid, iterative prototyping technique. By creating a feedback loop we can quickly identify opportunities to enhance the experience or points of friction.

At Elephants Can Dance our UX approach is based off the UK Design Council’s ‘Double Diamond’ framework, which has proven to be the most effective human centred approach to identifying solutions to complex problems.


The Double Diamond Framework has 4 key pillars:

  • Discover and better understand the industry, business objectives and target audiences.
  • Define the problem, what do we need to solve and plans of attack.
  • Develop. We now understand the what and why and can begin ideating.
  • Deliver. Once we have our approach crafted we work meticulously to deliver amazing experiences.


The team at Elephants Can Dance are experts in leveraging Human Centred Design Principles to create highly useable and rewarding product experiences.


Contact our team today to see how we might help you identify solutions leveraging Human Centred Design principles to create experiences that truly resonate with your audiences.


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