Experimentation Strategy

Experimentation is the process of testing and evaluating hypotheses or theories through data collection and observation. It is a key part of the scientific method and is used to gain insight, discover new phenomena and develop new technologies.

In a business context, experimentation is a powerful tool that allows businesses to test and evaluate their hypotheses, strategies, and products. It is a process of gathering data and observing the results to gain valuable insights and make better-informed decisions.


Benefits of experimentation

  1. Improved products and services: Experimentation allows businesses to gather data on what works and what doesn't, leading to the ability to make data-driven decisions that improve products and services.
  2. Deepened understanding of customers and markets: Experimentation allows businesses to gain a better understanding of their customers and target market, leading to more effective marketing strategies.
  3. Reduced uncertainty and risk: Experimentation provides a structured approach to testing new ideas, reducing the risk of failure and uncertainty in decision-making.
  4. Increased innovation: Experimentation encourages the testing of new ideas, leading to the discovery of new opportunities and innovations.
  5. Competitive advantage: Companies that embrace experimentation are better equipped to adapt to changing market conditions and stay ahead of the competition.

However, experimentation can be complex and time-consuming.

At Elephants Can Dance, our team of experts can help your organisation develop a culture of experimentation and achieve great ROI. Our experimentation toolkit includes, but is not limited to FullStory, Optimizely, and AB Tasty.

Our services in a nutshell

  • Experimentation audit and strategy
  • Experimentation ideation
  • Designing and implementing experiments
  • Providing expertise in data collection and analysis
  • Interpreting and reporting results
  • Identifying areas for improvement and developing new strategies
  • Offering support with optimisation and scaling

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