Discovery Workshops

At Elephants Can Dance, we believe that a discovery workshop is a vital ingredient in ensuring a project's success. This collaborative process brings teams together to gather information, gain a deeper understanding of a product or project, and ensure that all questions about business objectives, user experience, creativity, and technicalities are covered.


3 reasons why discovery workshops is essential:

  1. Gain crystal-clear insight from the get-go - Our workshops provide clarity and save you precious time by answering crucial questions in the initial phase of development.
  2. Streamline your project with ease - Complex projects can be a headache, but not with us. Our workshops simplify them, resulting in a structured roadmap and clear requirements that align perfectly with your goals.
  3. Avoid potential roadblocks - Our workshops help us identify potential challenges and discrepancies, ensuring that the project is completed in a timely manner by prioritising core functionalities.

At Elephants Can Dance, we typically conduct discovery workshops at the beginning of a project or at key substages.

By conducting discovery workshops, it helps us:

  • Understand existing research and gather existing knowledge
  • Understand stakeholder expectations
  • Build a common understanding of the overall project direction
  • Minimise the risk of building the wrong thing
  • Understand the customers and how the product will improve their lives
  • Define what sets the product apart in the market


We understand that it's vital to have key stakeholders active, vocal, and open-minded during the workshop to make good progress, that's why we are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders are involved, heard and valued throughout the process. So, if you're looking to take your project to the next level, contact us today and let's start dancing!


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