Branding and Visual Design

Crafting a Unique Identity

A strong brand is crucial for a company's success in today's market. Our team at Elephants Can Dance takes branding and visual design seriously, approaching each project with a focus on creating a unique, memorable, and effective representation of our clients for their customers.



Our process begins with a deep dive into the client's vision, values, and target audience. We gather information, conduct research, and engage in insightful conversations with stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of the brand's core identity.

Strategic Plan

With the information gathered, we develop a strategic branding plan that lays the foundation for a visual design language that is authentic, impactful, and truly representative of the client's identity.

Visual Identity Creation

Our team of experienced graphic designers and UI specialists work collaboratively to create a visual identity that accurately reflects the client's brand personality and values. From logo design to typography, colour schemes to imagery, our team will craft a cohesive visual language.

Consistency Across Touchpoints

Our goal is to ensure that our clients' brands not only look great but also work effectively across all touchpoints. From websites to packaging, social media to advertising, our team ensures consistency, relevance, and engagement. We also keep our clients' brands adaptable and future-proof to allow them to evolve and grow with the business.

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