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Why you should consider Drupal to run your digital experiences

With an ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses cannot afford to look at their go-to-market channels in isolation.

An holistic approach needs to be considered to mirror consumer behaviour.  Consumers expect consistent cross channel and omni channel experiences and will readily jump from one device to another as they navigate through the purchase funnel.  

The challenge for businesses is to structure their technology stack to enable these types of journeys and that’s where Drupal comes in.  

Below we’re going to cover 4 reasons why you need Drupal as part of your technology stack.

1. Decoupled Content Management Systems

A decoupled solution (also known as headless) is where the CMS is strictly used to manage content and is not directly part of the presentation (or user interface) layer.  This allows content to be pushed from the CMS to any type of user interface to drive not only your website but also your mobile app, email marketing content, IOT solutions and more, freeing up developers to select the right technology to deliver the best user experience for that channel or device.

The benefits to the business are many and include a consolidated technology stack, efficiency in managing content across different channels and a simplified organisational structure.

2. Personalisation / data driven experiences

As personalisation gathers pace marketers are being forced to identify opportunities to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time and via the right channel.  That drive has led to an explosion of software that aims to organise and provide the right data to enable personalisation to happen at scale.

Drupal provides marketers with a number of out-of-the-box tools to achieve personalisation based on location, search queries or browsing behaviour.  Additionally, Drupal offers easy integration with 3rd party data orchestration platforms (such as Tealium) and related  modules that can be leveraged to deliver sophisticated personalisation based on that incoming data or audience.

3. Security

Drupal is considered to be a very secure platform.  Many private, public and government organisations (including the NSW Government, the Whitehouse and Tesla) rely on Drupal to deliver business critical solutions.  

With a large and dedicated security team and one of the largest developer communities on the planet, issues are generally prevented from occurring and if they do occur, they are quickly addressed with the distribution of notices and appropriate security upgrades.

4. Open Source

With Drupal being an open source platform, businesses can free themselves from proprietary and often restrictive product and vendor roadmaps.  Drupal offers a sophisticated and highly scalable platform without the price tag.  And with seamless integrations with your 3rd party marketing tools, Drupal becomes the obvious choice when wanting to deliver a solution that adds real value to the business.

The team at Elephants Can Dance are experts in Drupal.  Our approach combines UX, Design Technology and Analytics to deliver rewarding customer experiences and positive returns for the business.  

We believe that done correctly, delivering these projects can be straightforward, rewarding, successful and even fun!

Az Yousaf, Managing Director


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