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How to track the performance of user journeys with analytics

At Elephants Can Dance we believe in creating rewarding, effective and frictionless customer journeys based on user research and data.

But how do you know if these journeys are actually working for you? Well, that’s where performance analytics comes into play.

Leveraging platforms such as Google Analytics to capture data and software such as Tableau or Power BI to establish performance dashboards, we monitor how effective journeys are and identify areas for improvement. This means we get to see an end-to-end view of the customer / user, which allows for better, more informed decision making on how to improve the effectiveness of our marketing activities.

Additionally, this approach allows the team at Elephants Can Dance to take a structured approach around Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). 

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An effective Conversion Rate Optimisation Framework

Once we have the analytics framework in place, we develop a testing strategy that uses established benchmarks. We identify experiments and hypotheses and appropriate tests to produce recommendations that result in improved conversions or more targeted communications that increase the Return On Investment (ROI).

Delivering data driven communications is currently a major focus for a large number of organisations but having an appropriate analytics solution in place to monitor and optimise those communications is just as important.

At Elephants Can Dance we believe the best results come from our UX, Platforms, Analytics and Data teams working together to deliver journeys that work for our clients across a variety of channels and platforms. Journeys that we monitor and optimise through appropriate analytics, which we can further refine by leveraging the data that is captured along the way.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat to our team about how we might be able to support you in setting up a relevant digital analytics framework for your business.


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