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How to deliver a great Customer Experience (CX)

We live in a world where our customer’s expectations are higher than ever. With the likes of Netflix, Uber, AirBnB and Tesla driving up these expectations.

We demand more from brands than just having an online presence. We expect personalised, beautiful, fluid and crafted experiences across devices and channels and we expect brands to know when and where to contact us.

At Elephants Can Dance we expect no less and want all our clients to have similar demands to Uber and Tesla when it comes to customer experiences (CX).

Why would an organisation not want to aim for the same? We are incredibly passionate and driven to produce beautiful, crafted and memorable experiences. We do this by following a structured process that includes:

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Knowing your audience

Knowing your audience is one of the most effective things you can do for a great customer experience. It seems simple but if we know who we are talking to in detail, we can tailor communications and experiences specifically to them, improving the results of our efforts and increasing the value for the user.

Customer Journeys

Mapping customer journeys across all touch points allows you to identify potential pain points and look for opportunities to drive conversions. The aim is to deliver a frictionless and delightful experience every step of the way. Documenting current or expected journeys will take you one step closer to making that happen.

Crafted and seamless design

Whether it be a website, app, touch screen, in-store presence, email or even voice user interface (VUI) - it needs to be a rewarding and crafted. Each touchpoint can be carefully designed based on objectives and provide value to the user. It is important to note that businesses don’t settle for a great website experience and a dreadful app, or a lovely shopfront that has been carefully crafted and then a website that is clunky and not on brand. Customer expectations are at an all time high and it is vital to address channels and experiences that are falling behind and not consistent.

Data driven communications

With great power comes great responsibility - the power of data is something that is truly amazing, however it needs to be handled carefully, always with the customer front-row and centre. There is a fine line between being helpful and predicting behaviour and creepy stalker alert! At Elephants Can Dance, we love providing data driven solutions but consider each touch point from the customer’s point of view to ensure it’s appropriate and valuable.

Memorable experiences

The term “frictionless experience” is one that gets thrown around a lot, however you need to make experiences and brands memorable - delight your customers with crafted and enjoyable interactions.

Learn and improve

Your business should always be a work in progress, there are always insights to garner and learnings available to better your approach. Listen to your customers as that is a key driver of any successful customer experience strategy…

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Nick Vandermolen, Design Director and Head of UX


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