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Elephants Can Dance helps Tigerair reinvent the digital travel experience

It’s not often you’re presented with the opportunity to re-define how an industry engages their customers through digital channels. But that is exactly what Tigerair wanted to do with the re-design & development of their digital travel experience.

Our vision was clear, we wanted to create an engaging experience that truly reflects the Tigerair brand ethos.

The challenge Tigerair and ECD set for themselves was substantial. How do you make a feature rich, interactive user experience but make it light enough that it’s delivered to mobile devices at lightning speed?   What technologies do you select to ensure you future proof the solution so that it can be built on and enhanced for years to come, without the need to re-build?

ECD takes a UX Driven approach to solutions and as such, we first went about reimagining the flight search experience.  Our objective was to make searching for a flight fun and less of a task, ensuring website conversions happened quickly and efficiently. 

Through extensive research and user testing, we re-worked every step of the process, resulting in an intuitive, engaging and rewarding experience across mobile and desktop.

We then worked with Tigerair digital to identify the following technology stack and innovations that would form the major infrastructure:

  • A de-coupled Drupal 8 Content Management System (CMS) to power content not only for the website but all future digital interfaces
  • Google Accelerated Mobile pages via the Google AMP Framework to deliver lightning fast user experiences
  • An analytics framework that allows Tigerair to monitor the performance of their digital platforms
  • The creation and development of a design system that can be leveraged to drive consistent brand experiences at every digital touch point, designed for scalability.


And what are the results – well see for yourself at Tigerair.  Additionally, Tigerair has experienced a substantial reduction in bounce rates and a major boost in engagement & conversion metrics.

Our approach will also allow us to convert the solution to a Progressive Web App (PWA) and provide countless current and future benefits including the ability to interact with content without an internet connection.

Where to from here?

Well, now that these substantial foundations are in place, ECD and Tigerair are working to leverage the solution to drive personalised digital experiences.  Additional and complementary technologies are being enabled (such as Tealium for connecting all digital touchpoints and Tableau for visualising customer journeys) and together, these solutions will enable the delivery of data driven communications.

Watch this space.


Az Yousaf, Managing Director


6 Middlemiss Street,
Lavender Bay 2060. Sydney

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