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5 Einstein Salesforce Marketing Cloud Trends for 2021

Einstein (AI) in Marketing Cloud

AI Marketing Technology is growing rapidly and many early adopters are leveraging the latest Einstein suite of capabilities in Marketing Cloud such as predictive scoring, engagement, selections, recommendations, optimisation and more.

Top performing use cases have demonstrated and proven that AI is more effective than human based decision making and we are sure to see this trend continue to grow throughout 2021.



1. Send Time Optimisation

Einstein Send Time Optimisation is a game changing feature. It analyses your contacts latest engagement data using Machine Learning and predicts the best time to communicate with your subscribers individually, this means that each subscriber will receive their communications at unique times best suited for them so they are more likely to engage and therefore deliver higher open rates and conversions.

If you run your marketing automation campaigns in Journey Builder, you can modify your existing campaigns and incorporate the Einstein Send Time Optimisation activity by placing it prior to an email or push notification activity to drive higher conversion rates.

2. Messaging Insights

Einstein Messaging Insights is an operational feature that will alert you regardless of where you are in Marketing Cloud as a notification icon in the top right corner. It monitors standard metrics such as open, click and bounce rates of email sends, batch sends and journey sends, It will then notify you of insights when it finds the results received are higher or lower than the expected values.

If you had a weekly campaign and the open rates were higher or lower this week compared to previous weeks, you would receive a Messaging Insight notification alerting you to the fact and allowing you to investigate.

3. Engagement Frequency

Einstein Engagement Frequency offers the ability to predictively direct your contacts down various journey paths based on what their optimal send frequency should be.

There are four journey paths to leverage using the Einstein Engagement Frequency Split in Journey Builder:

  • Saturated (contacts receive more messages than optimal)
  • Almost Saturated (contacts are close to receiving more than optimal messages)
  • On Target (contacts receive messages at a optimal frequency)
  • Undersaturated. (contacts are receiving fewer messages than the optimal frequency)

The benefits of this Einstein AI feature is we can control the frequency of how we communicate with our contacts and exit them immediately if for example they are being sent too many communications.

4. Copy Insights

Einstein Copy Insights leverages text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) to analyse your subject lines in your emails, use those insights to craft subject lines that offer higher email engagement.

If you feel your email subject lines are too generic or lacking, this is a great opportunity to leverage this tool to gain insights into top performers, most frequently used or analyse positive and negative impacts on your subject lines.

5. Engagement Scoring

Einstein Engagement Scoring predicts customer engagement for Email and Mobile Push channels, It uses customer data with machine learning leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to generate predictive models that will assign a score for your contacts likelihood to open and click emails or interact with push notifications.

The scoring data is visible at a data extension level or via the Einstein dashboard in Marketing Cloud.

The ideal way to leverage Einstein Engagement Scoring is to utilise the scoring split activity in Journey Builder. This activity allows you to specify either Email or Mobile and provides you with various likelihood options such as Persona, Opens, Clicks, Mobile Engagement, Time in App, App Sessions, Push Direct/Indirect Open Likelihood and more.

Wherever you are in your journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud there is an Einstein use case that can help drive results and that looks like it will only get better in 2021.


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